The art of making
the most out of wood.

Since 1793
Our philosophy

To Live, before living.

Before reaching the material and its processing, Accademia is an idea. One thought at the basis of our work and which can be summarized in one word: harmony. We work constantly seeking the perfect marriage between people and the space in which they live: aesthetics, functionality, raw materials are the elements that combine to create this balance.

In search
of our roots

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Our history is first of all the story of an Italian family in which the scent of wood has always been breathed. It is the Zuccotti family. At the end of the eighteenth century, artisans Michele and Paolo Zuccotti start having luck with their production of wooden wagons for military use and decided to sign each sale with a symbol: two stylized axes for each wagon. Thus the symbol of the family was born, which is still today the symbol of Accademia.


The tradition continues and the carpentry workshop is dedicated not only to the production of military wagons: Paolo Zuccotti - start practicing simultaneously the "art" of the carpenter and the shoemaker. His heirs continued the family business and expanded it specializing in building farm carts.


The workshop, now led by Anton Daniele and Albino Zuccotti, begins to produce finely crafted furniture in pure solid wood. It is the beginning of a new era.


Elio Zuccotti, Albino's grandson, inherits the long family tradition and founded Accademia del Mobile: a brand that encompasses all the values of his family and centuries of history.


Accademia del Mobile enters all Italian homes with a TV commercial that presents the company with the extraordinary strength of an authentic and original message.


Accademia del Mobile presents Accademia Wood Artist, a new brand dedicated to the modern style and design. The solid wood is presented in its most essential and modern form, always in the name of eco-compatibility: natural materials and complete water-based coating cycle demonstrate how design can be done respecting the environment.


The artistic processing of solid wood and the unique design of each work are more and more distinctive elements of the Accademia del Mobile, which is today a brand able to recognize and enhance the enormous potential of natural wood. The art of making the most out of wood becomes the business card of the brand and a communication concept that increases its premiumness and confirms its uniqueness.

Solid wood.
The true essence of a tree.

Raw material

The wood has a soul.
Our mission is to put it into light.

Our raw material is solid wood. We get it from the densest part of the tree, the heartwood. Its preciousness, combined with our expert workmanship of cabinetry, gives the furniture the utmost elegance. We started working so long ago, when the timber choice did not depend on market logics.


Our guiding principle.


To give value to the environment
we must know how to respect it.

Each production process meets the highest sustainability standards. It's called Eco-harmony, and it is the principle that guides us in making products that actually represent a manifesto of balance between man and the environment.


SFP Certification

With the Social Footprint Certification we assume the commitment to stimulate the improvement of the ethical and social conditions of the various links of our production chain; we commit to make transparent to the consumer supply chain where our product comes from, the location of the suppliers and the players involved in the final product process and the relative information.

The SFP Certification guarantees the "social footprint" of our products, by marking them with a special label and associating additional information with other means (including the web). The "social footprint" is measured through the use of appropriate indicators, which are subject to the opinion of the Stakeholder Committee of the SFP scheme.

The ultimate purpose of the SFP certification is to involve the consumer in more informed purchasing choices and support the Organizations in transparent communication to the market.

Accademia del Mobile is certified AAA Social Footprint level, the maximum achievable.